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Im looking to buy a Honda C70 in the Madison WI area if anyone knows of one. Don't really want to deal with shipping etc.


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Hello, I have an early 70's Honda C70 in Virginia where I go to school. It is green and complete, very clean engine. It ran well until some electrical problems occured. I plan on fixing these problems and selling it for about $750 as a running scooter. I know this is not local, but maybe we could work something out?


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Can you send a photo and why don't you keep me posted. With shipping costs it sounds like it might be way out of my price range but Im willnint to consider.


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Hey Pete,

If she can't reach it, I would be very interested in your Passport. I'm in central Ohio, about 4-5 hours from you. Could you send or post a pic? Did you paint it? I don't remember green as a standard color for the C70.

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No I did not paint it, the green is the original color. I think this is a 1970 model. I will not be able to get you pictures for another week or so, this is when I will be moving back down there. Please feel free to be persistent with emails about this as I might forget about it while I'm busy moving back in and stuff. Thanks for your interest.

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thres two or three of them on ebay right now. under mopeds and scooters

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Hi Lenore,

There was one on the Milwaukee Craigslist 2 days ago, and there are 2 Ebay machines near you. 1 is in Indiana just outside Chicago (Whiting), while another is down by Champaign-Urbana. All seem reasonably priced, too.

Just another old Honda fan.

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Thanks for the updates everyone. Any idea on what I should pay for one? I am really really trying to find some old farmer in WIsconsin that has a bike in his barn. You hear so many stories about that kind of thing, and I live smack in the middle of farm country so I am doing my best to uncover a treasure.

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Your best bet is to hang around the cycle/tractor dealer in some of those small towns (like Baraboo, Sauk Prairie, Mazomanie) and talk to the oldest people on staff. They'll likely remember who brought in a Passport, since they're kind of unusual in farm areas. Heck, they may even have an old trade-in hiding in the back that they're waiting to unload.

If it seems odd that I know a lot about your area, I was a UW student (1980 grad).

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Thanks Rob. I will start the investigation.

I did see the ebay listings (but they are too far away) as well as the Milw Craigslist posting.


Is $950 too much for this?

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Based on Ebay prices, $950 for that one is pretty good. They go for over a $1000 on a regular basis but if you keep looking, there are cheaper ones. I got a Honda Cub 50 for $250 this summer.

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brystheguy- Was it in good shape?? Sounds like a steal.

Hey Pete- I'd love to see a pic of your bike but if you get an offer from someone closer to you it's probably best for you to sell it local. Shipping is a pain.


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It was in pretty good shape. Still had the legshield and all. It was odd how it happened. Some guy put in on the Minneapolis Craiglist and said best offer over $200 takes it so I offered $250 and he said that he would even deliver it to my sister-in-laws house up there for me. He told my sister-in-law when he dropped it off that he received over one hundred emails concerning that bike. Why he picked me, I have no idea!

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$950 is about average for a nice one, which that one looked like. If it's not so nice, they can be as low as $400, and a non-runner will go for even less. The IL one on Ebay has some electrical & appearance issues, so it'll likely be a bargain.

The C50s are even cheaper, but they don't go nearly as fast. The other option are CT90s, which are even more common where you are, but are quite homely IMHO. Nothing like the sleek lines of a C70, but they do have a tougher frame so farmers like 'em for riding around the back 40. Don't bother with the CT70s, as they're basically glorified mini-bikes.

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my dad bought his in the 80s' it was an 81 ... with a 198* Ds-100 Suzuki dirtbike and 2 helmets for whatever him and my uncle (his brother) had in their pockets... something like 127 dollars.... and we still have both and both are running today.

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