80 Amf Roadmaster C110 - Engine won't start anymor

Hi, I just bought this 1980 AMF Roadmaster C110 moped bike as a project since I just started as a motorcycle mechanic student. I thought I try to work on something small first.

The guy who sold it to me said that the bike was running last year, but this year, he couldn't get the engine to start, or maybe, no sparks? I'm not sure, since I've never tried it before.

Anyway, I thought I get some answers before I tinker with it first since I am busy working on my Ninja250 fixer now.

Any help would be great.

Also, where can I get parts/tires/rims for these type of bikes/mopeds? Thanks. This bike is like rusted out.

I'm planning to restore the whole thing from tires to paint, to getting the engine running again.


Re: 80 Amf Roadmaster C110 - Engine won't start an

I had that same year and model of moped for a short time. If it it not running right now, but was running before, make sure you have spark, fuel, and compression.

Change the spark plug, clean out the carburetor and see if anything changes.

As far as finding parts for that bike, the tires are just bike tires, so you should be able to find those at a bicycle shop. I've seen a number of these bikes on ebay in the last few months in various stages of disrepair, so that might be your best bet. There really aren't a lot of places to buy parts for this one. The good news is that the engine is essentially a McCullogh chainsaw engine, so it is not all that complicated. The fuel mixture is a little odd also as I recall, something like 40:1 instead of 50:1 like most mopeds.

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