FS: 1980 Puch MKll

I am selling a 1980 puch two speed that is in fair condition. I bought it from this guy in PA for $300 and I don't really want to get rid of it but I need the money to finish my race puch. I would like to atleast get back my $300. It needs very little work for it to run. It comes with a fairly new top end and a couple of other parts that I don't need that maybe someone else could use. There are little things that are missing from it like the left side plastic, switches, and the pin for the carb that lets the fuel in. I would like to mess around with it and fix it, but I have five others that need to be finished. I live in Sewell, New Jersey. If you are interested or have a question email me at Bajahomer@aol.com or post it on this thread. Thanks for reading.



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does it run? im lookin for a new ped that works good and will work good for a while more...i got a 05 targa if u wanna trade for one of ur other peds mayb?

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Yes it runs and no I will not trade for a tomos. I have too may projects and I am just trying to get rid of them so I can finish my puch racer. It needs minor things to make it reliable.

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I will have to sell it for $250 because the guy couldn't find the title.

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