trying to help a friend

hey i just got my uddy Ryan into the moped scen and he is looking for a moped providing parents will let him but thats most likely a deff. any way he is trying to find a moped for 200 or less in or around new jerseys southern area. if any one could help him out that would be awesome you can just reply on this form and he will get your message.

Re: trying to help a friend

Hey Ben

There's a guy in New Jersey selling a 1980 Puch Maxi Sport MKII (2 speed) in this forum. His username is f150prerunner (he's in Sewell). He wants $300 for it but you could offer him less because it doesn't sound like its worth that much and it needs a part for the carb. If you do get it then you could probably order any parts you need from 1977 Mopeds store or something.

Nice job getting your friend into mopeds.


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