need general rim spokes

ok its for a general 5 star, i need the spokes for the rims. i dont need the full rim but just the spokes. theres 32 in the front rim and 36 in the back. at least half from each rim have to have minamal to no rust. about half of mine are fine but about half are completely rusted. also if someone does have them, could u put the fronts in a different bag from the backs so i dont have to sort them out? thanks

Re: need general rim spokes

Funny, I need spokes for mine too. I guess they arent very good spokes.

Re: need general rim spokes

Spokes really aren't easy...

I spent 3 months trying to get some spokes to replace broken ones for my 1977 Intramotor Gloria Scout.

I ended up making my own. I just measured the existing ones with a micrometer and bought high quality steel rod in that diameter and then rolled a thread on one end using a tap and die set to match the thread of the nipple in the rim, and then I simply J-hooked the other end. Very difficult, but the result was a rock-steady rim.

Good luck,


Re: need general rim spokes

bump. i really need these. id be interested in buying 2 whole new rims if i cant just find spokes. please someone help. i got the backs and fronts mixed up and cant tell them apart. they look exactly alike but the manual says theyre different sizes

Re: need general rim spokes

See my message in repair section.

Measure the damn things: Length? Diameter? Nipple size? Instead of just looking for the specific BIKE spokes, look for specific SIZE and STYLE OF SPOKES. If you look on Euro sites, they have some spokes, but they'll just ask you the same thing: Which size?

see: I know they had spokes. Do keyword search.

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