Looking and selling!

Okay, so I just got a whole bunch of money from Graduation, so I think I will buy a new moped instead of a car, so I can save money while in College.

I am STILL thinking (yes, still, this is the THIRD time i've posted on here that I'm selling) about selling my 1979 Yamaha QT50. It will need brake pads sometime in the future, as well as a new speedometer cable. Those are cheap on Ebay. Since this is vintage (so my dad says) I think I'll sell it for about 300$-350$...

I'm looking to buy a newer moped, preferably one that goes more than 40MPH. I will also accept trades too, for a moped or car.

So does anyone have any offers for me? I'm also curious to see how many people in the Grand Rapids, MI area are selling mopeds! :)

Re: Looking and selling!

If the thing runs okay, and it probably does, you should easily get $350.

Start out with $400, because even that's very reasonable unless there's a list of nasty problems.

I have a friend with 2 QT50's and they're a decent little scooter. Popular enought o get parts for easily too. You have a very viable bike, trading up a little for a moped with taller tires is alot nicer when ya hit anything harsh.


Re: Looking and selling!

Hmm, I see. Well anyone looking to sell or trade?

Re: Looking and selling!

I think you may have a bit better luck trying the MRA:


They deal with scooters more. I know....

I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but for some odd reason some people on here really diss those. I couldn't care less. If you were nearer, I know someone that is actually wanting a QT50 really bad, since he had one years ago, and his Dad sold it for $10, to a neighbor.

He went and tried to ask about it, and the neighbor lied to him and said he didn't have it. Well, it was visibly sitting tucked away in the back of his garage. He's never probably gonna ever ride it, and still lied about having it.

Anyway, patience. You have a popular bike. It'll sell.


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