SELLING Batavus moped

I am selling a 1977 Batavus Starflite. It is yellow and black. It is in mint condition with juss a small crack in back tire that can be easily fixed for cheap. It runs perfect. It has 3335 miles on it. I live in minneapolis minnesota. Email for pictures or questions/intrested at



SELLING Batavus moped

O ya i am selling it for $400 my bad

Re: SELLING Batavus moped

hello i guess you are like me no one wants to have anything to do with this kind of ped; send me pics please; and information to thanks

Re: SELLING Batavus moped

hey jimmie you seem to be buying a few peds here

mine is still for sale if you wanna top 150

check out my thread in the buy/sell

its under yankee peddler f/s in rhode island

let me know what you think

Re: SELLING Batavus moped

this moped is SOLD:

Re: SELLING Batavus moped

soeey; please forget that; its not sold yet. my mistake its another Batavus. Jimmie Forgive me.

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