[FOR SALE]99 Taraga Lx [CHEAP]

1999 Tomos Targa Lx, has about 1000miles, runs like a beaut. fully rebuilt, new piston, new rings, new crank/and rod. new seals, new bearing, new clutches (1st and 2nd)ne back wheel with new tube on tires, everything works and it runs, plastics are in wonderful condition , i have the front fairing, i fiberglassed and bondoed it, just need to wet sand and paint...lights and everything works...i have a big box filled with extrad parts,...including 2 new tires and tubes,.new body and frame parts including forks,kickstands....


or respond here!

thank you, you name the price, i really dun care what i get for it, well i want a least as much as i put into it, so i wanna try for nothing lower than 700. but i will negoatiate... thank you

im located in jackson nj, bout 20 mins from sixflags great adventure.

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