polini 64cc kit

Tyler Jacobson /

i was curious if any one would be into buying a cheap used polini kit. i have an extra that has been used pretty hard! it has been running like a bat out of hell for about two years. still runs but not 100% of the power it should. it was pushing my puch maxi with 15mm bing in the low 40s. new ring about a month ago. one exhaust stud is held in with jb weld. they sell new for nearly $200 when u can find them so make me some offers, or i will put it on ebay.

Re: polini 64cc kit

I'll give you a sack of shit for it.

Re: polini 64cc kit

$30 shipped. How bad is the bore or piston?


Re: polini 64cc kit

Nor Cal Mopeds /

ill take the piston ring and pin/clips, 15 shipped

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