puch techno estoril (new)

I just got this pipe 2 days ago, it's only been used for about 15-20 minutes. I was unaware of the pedal clearance issues and i really like having pedals. It's too bad because this pipe is bad ass. I thought long and hard about modifying the crank (lengthening the left side) but decided it's a route i dont want to take. It's $90 (i paid 124 a few days ago) + shipping. There are a couple dings/scratches in the side, not bad though (see pic). i'm also open to possible trades.





Re: puch techno estoril (new)

My pedal issues were with a maxi, apparently there isn't a clearance issue with a magnum.

Re: puch techno estoril (new)

yeah, you can do one of three things

1. use a puch magnum pedal crank assembly, and make some spacers

2. weld some sort of extension on the end of the pedals, maybe using a second set of pedals

3. bend the pedals out to clear the pipe

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