1979 Motron Classic

I have a 1979 Motron Medalist for sale. It has 850 miles on it and has always been stored in the garage. It looks like new and runs like new. It comes with the fold up baskets on the sides over the back wheel. It starts easily and will run about 35mph on level ground with me on it. (208lbs)

Asking 800. Will send pictures of you are interested. It does look new and you have to see it to appreciate it. It is located on Lincoln Ne.


Re: 1979 Motron Classic

mopeds like those small brands won't go for 800 because parts are hard to get and not only that, for 800 they could get a more reliable ped

Re: 1979 Motron Classic

dont buy it then. those mopeds are super easy to find parts for. Same parts as any other italian ped, all interchangeable.

Re: 1979 Motron Classic

and there is no ped more reliable than any ped with a minarelli V1 on it!

Re: 1979 Motron Classic

ok chill. didn't think it had one of those motors. And if so many do, nobody would beat anyone else in a race. Thats not really fun

Re: 1979 Motron Classic

Why would nobody beat anyone else in a race? Racing is more about skill of the rider and tuning. No two bikes will run identically.

Re: 1979 Motron Classic

Jason Luther /

thats weird, why doest every chevy stock car finish at exactly the same time?

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