F/S Honda CL100 and Avanti

Hi, I have a Gold 1971 Honda CL100 and a Black 2000 Avanti Mont for sale. Neither of them currently runs, and I’m unable to deliver or ship. So, here is the low down on the bikes.

Honda $ 285.00 obo Miles 67035

The person that I bought the bike off of only put about 50 to 60 miles on it and then it died on them. My self I have not devoted too much time in fixing this project. The bike seems to be almost all original parts. So all of the cables need to be replaced, new tires are a must and a more than likely a new battery is needed. I have not done a compression test on it, so I’m not sure about the condition of the head gasket, but engine dos want to kick over, that’s definitely a plus.

Avanti $100.00 Miles N/A

This was the second project bike that I purchased, I started to work on this bike until I realized that the clutch has gone out, I could not find one and honestly I did not put much time in to the search for the part. The brake handle on the throttle is broken and the original carburetor (with I still have) is broken, but I did purchased a NEW carburetor form Handy Bike. The head light is in poor condition but works.

I can think of anything more to add but if you have question please email me, I would like too get rid of these bike soon so I can, so pay for my classes next quarter at CSCC.

Thanks Jeff


Re: F/S Honda CL100 and Avanti

The Avanti I'll post a better pic when I get home.









are you willing to negotiate on the avanti?


the problem is the carburetor, It costed me 100.00 at handy bike

and it is absolutely new I havent put any fuel though it. With out the carb of course, the bike I already consider it as an lost investment . But if you have something to trade I'll consider that.


Wow, being late to work it is definitely murder on my grammar skills. Sorry for that last post..

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