Needing a good home....


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c'mon, they're cheap

Re: Needing a good home....

Jason Luther /

that looks like a sculpture, but if not what the fuck are those? freaking me out!

Re: Needing a good home....

I hope it's a sculpture too!

I just ran across it, and have no idea. It freaks me out too, so I had to share.


Re: Needing a good home....

omg. Nightmares forever. Looks like someoe slapped ears on an ugly fatass! HAHAHA


Re: Needing a good home....

That shit is fucked up! . .... look at their asses! I wonder if they'd be good eating? lol. Fuck giving them a home lets eat 'em or put 'em in a circus.

Re: Needing a good home....

i agree w/ embot ...put em in a circus...make some

Re: Needing a good home....

lmao.. not a good thing to show the pregnant lagy tho!... now ill have nightmares!

Re: Needing a good home....

its like goofy had babies

scary babies

Only ONE left.

I'm trying to get rid of the mother.

I have all the babies spoken for now.

Who wants the mother. She's 23 years old, and works like an ox in the winter snow!

You can breed these yourself, too; if ya know what I mean....

Anybody? 1st $100 takes her.



Re: Needing a good home....

hmm .. and you say.. mine gay marriage was out of line.. get this guy SIMON. weird jaja

Re: Needing a good home....

hmm .. and you say.. my topic "gay marriage" was out of line.. get this guy SIMON. weird jaja

Here, hatefull ed...

Yeah, get me Simon.

I hope everybody had a little chuckle over this.

I'm not bringin' up any PC BS.

Just a bit of weirdness. Odd things make me laugh. Sorry if a picture of your mother and siblings have a problem showing themselves on here, after they spent a day in that mall, ed.

I would not be offended if Simon deleted this, but yoiu think he'll give you an ear? He might. I don't know him at all. He's the coolest dude in the forum world, as far as I'm concerned.

I abuse it. I use it. I still try'n' keep in mind that Simon's the big man. As I said, I don't even know anything about him other than he's been more than cool with me.

I've been more than cool with you too, edward. but you see me as some old weirdo. That's okay, I do not want to know you or your friends. Waking up being you everyday is enough for you to handle, and you handle it well enough.



I guess you win ed.

I swore off your posts. Then again, I forgot who you were as I will again, but still................


Parting Thoughts~

I see no more dog-poop eater on here , as he was the last time I was on here.

Hmmm. ed, you must have lost your _pull_.

Do you and (crap what's hisname) your friend paly the saw?

That'd be cool.

At least ya'd have one redeeming quality. (Forgive me Simon) I drank a bit today and gonna do a bit more. Does it show?


ps-- I left a nice attachment. One that erases what you _may have_ seen earlier.


No more available

Sadly she puked on my porch last night,

I had to put her down.

Took a few tries to hit her in the right spot. Ran outa 22 shells about the 8th shot, and had to run downtown in the midst of it all. What a wimper she made while I was gone! The neighbors were a bit upset.

Thanks again guys. I doubt one would have made the shipping anyway, but if I find any more, and I need to get rid of'em I'll let ya guys know.


Re: No more available

You must be pickled by now.

Re: No more available

It's our fair-week here in town, so it's wastoid week, also.

Meat, now.

Light meat, or dark? She's cured and ready for servin'.

Packaged, frozen and sold to you at your door through Schwann's.


Re: Needing a good home....


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