free puch maxi

i am looking for a free or really cheap puch maxi that still works in ohio....if not free than a really reasonable price..

Re: free puch maxi

So would everyone else. Good luck with that one!


Re: free puch maxi

hummm......I dont live in Ohio, but I will go with what Jon said. Good luck


Re: free puch maxi

look on craigslist.

Re: free puch maxi

See Ya Moped Army /

Get a job and buy one like everyone else here.

Re: free puch maxi


Re: free puch maxi

anyone who finds one... let me know too! lol

good luck!

Re: free puch maxi

why do you even post shit like this

Re: free puch maxi

sure take two of mine! Can I drop it off at your house too?...Please?

You can have this one.

I have this one laying around if you want it.

Re: You can have this one.

sidD i will take urs if u drop it off in cleveland!

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