WTB Moped in NW Ohio/Michigan

Looking for a running moped that will run and get me around campus. Does not have to be beautiful looking, but something that will get me from A to B.

Re: WTB Moped in NW Ohio/Michigan

how much $?

Re: WTB Moped in NW Ohio/Michigan

i have a kinetic tfr for sale, would you be interested?

Re: WTB Moped in NW Ohio/Michigan

motion left mopeds in northern indiana has about thirty running bikes for sale.

Re: WTB Moped in NW Ohio/Michigan


I'm currently thinking of selling my Trac Olympic. It's a 1987, has 3,167 Miles, runs, has good tires and tread, blinkers, horn, and tail light work, headlight doesn't work but just may need a new bulb. It looks really good and I have taken care of it. But husband and I are really set back after me spending 5 days in the hospital and being pregnant, I've barely had a chance to ride it this summer. I'm now too big and can't ride. I live in Van Wert, Ohio and that isn't very far from Defiance. I also have a box of spare parts that'll come with it. It also will need a new set of pedals. I'm asking $350. Please get back to me and let me know. Thanks.



Re: WTB Moped in NW Ohio/Michigan

thanks for the replies, i have e mailed everyone who is selling a moped. i still i have my eyes open.

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