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I've got a 1978 Batavus with the M 56 engine. I wanted to put a speed kit on it, but I found out that such a kit is not made for Batavus. So I am looking for some parts. I need a cylinder! So if you've got one, let me know. thanks!


I just need the bottom end, not the top. thanks

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george jorge pele /

I need engine covers

Do you have any for m 48 batavus

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I have to check, I owned several M56's and believe I have the engine .


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John Marquis /

I posted a message saying I am interested in a batavus regency air box/filter if anyone can help me out i would be forever grateful, otherwise i'll be fabricating one.

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I have the following parts for the M-56 engine/Trac Hawk moped:

-I have a parts engine (missing electrical components and half of the clutch) w/ complete usable top end - $50

- Encarwi carburetor (working, no airbox) $30

- pair of used piston rings in good shape $10

- original tool kit was mounted on bike but never used complete damaged pouch, plastic case in good shape $15

- Pair of plastic side covers in good shape (Trac Hawk - covers tool box right below gas tank/seat) $20

- Trac Hawk gas tank w/ gas cap (no key), small dents from handlebars, OK paint. Tank was kreemed but now a small patch is beginning to peel on the inside. $15

maybe some other stuff too. Please email me with inquiries, prices are before shipping. Thanks!


Re: WTB Batavus Parts


Do you have an engine? That would be awesome! Please let me know. thanks


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