1960s Motobecane Mobylette in Maine

This has been a project that I have put a good deal of work into. it is not done (obviously)

but it does run around 20mph right now I think. I have not got the time or space for all my bikes, so I would like to sell it

-new belt

-restuffed seat

-2 new tires

complete aside from one tool box cover, and side emblems.

This bike could be stunning. An easy project, because It is all ready running.

lights still need work

right now the engine is a 70s variator model moby engine. to make it fit, and make sure the electric worked I put a 60s head, and magnetto on.

I will include the 60s crankcase parts









Re: 1960s Motobecane Mobylette in Maine

hey my names dave, and i live in southern ma.

im looking for a vintage moped for transportation to school and back.

where in maine are you, i would be interested in the moped if its avail.



Re: 1960s Motobecane Mobylette in Maine

Holy crap Dave.

You are right on the way to providence. I am coming down soon, if it is still available, and you are still interested, I may be able to deliver it

Re: 1960s Motobecane Mobylette in Maine

hey well if your willing to deliver it and it runs and everything is there then id take it.

Re: 1960s Motobecane Mobylette in Maine

It runs, I would be comfortable selling it to a mechanically inclined person.

Someone who would make a project out of it

Are you one of those?

It runs, but I would not consider it road worthy right now

Re: 1960s Motobecane Mobylette in Maine

well im new to mopeds in general, but i would consider myself mech inclined. My daily driver for the past 4 years has been a 70 buick lesabre, brought back from near death so id be willing to tackle a project. I like the older stuff in general so it will have a good home.

- dave

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