need FA50 engine parts

I need the piston rings and possible the needle bearing, also need the carb float (everything dont have to be real good no holes in float ect. cause im putting this together for my daughter to learn on it.(its going to be a "junkyard" ped like my weekend car.))

Re: need FA50 engine parts

piston rings are about $12 from (I recently installed some in mine). Needle bearings are pretty cheap and also available. I have a float you can have for $5 shipped but it's wiser to buy new since it's not that expensive. Let me know if you want the float.

Re: need FA50 engine parts

I did look on bike bandit and I dont know what size to order (as far as i know it is stock it has 1473 miles on it). Do you have the whole carb for it and if so how much? Thanks!!

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