WTB: Motobecane Rims

Ok well i found this motobecane in a barn in PA and well shit some fresh gas spray in some carb cleaner and shit it starts. Well the rims are shit and te tires and tubes and one know of any tire sizes tha will work and tubes sizes for a motobecane it was made in 1970 if that helps. but anyone have rims ? thxs I think i found my favorite moped brand :)

Re: WTB: Motobecane Rims

usually 17 inch by 2.5...i believe...

rims are harder to find..i could use a new set or two myself.


Re: WTB: Motobecane Rims

do you guys know if i could use 1979 motobecane 50 v wheels in a 1978 puch newport???, if i cant then they are up for sale. 50$ for wheels...

be honest with answer

even if you do need this wheels...


Re: WTB: Motobecane Rims

I have a set of rims from a mid 70s motobecane with some slight to mild surface rust I'l post a pic you can have them for 15 bucks.

Re: WTB: Motobecane Rims

i have a rear rim with tire in very good shape yoou can have for 10 bucks!!

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