Looking for Handlebars

Hi all,

I'm in need of a set of handlebars to replace the nicely bent ones on my 1976 Gloria Intramotor Scout. The bars are approximately 22" wide, 12" rise and 6-7" reach with 3/4" chrome bar.

If anyone can help - please drop me a line!



Re: Looking for Handlebars

do you want orriginals? or anything close?


Re: Looking for Handlebars

I'll take anything close - originals would be nice though!

Do you have something in mind? :D

Re: Looking for Handlebars

i have some motobecane bars and a similar set that is about two inches taller than motos...but the same shape...I can.t remember what they came off of.


Re: Looking for Handlebars

Can you measure them and lemme know how close they are to the dimensions I posted?


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