FS:Motobecane 50V, Detroit

1977 Motobecane Mobylette 50V for sale in Detroit area. Mechanically perfect, this is a highly reliable bike with about 1100 miles. Set up at this time with pegs instead of pedals, but can be changed to original with the parts that I have. This is a 'B' miles bike, meaning that it goes at least 25 MPH, and can normally hit 30 MPH. Compression measures about 150 PSI. Tires are fine, this is a Dimoby variator model. 10mm carburetor. Nothing missing from bike, anything you don't see I have.

I am moving and must sell this fantastic moped.

Contact; cp650a (at) yahoo. for more information.

Asking $750.00

Ready to go!


Re: FS:Motobecane 50V, Detroit

you wont get 750 for the moby

start at 600 and work your way down

Re: FS:Motobecane 50V, Detroit


Re: FS:Motobecane 50V, Detroit

nice moped. Yea it's nice but there were 15,000,000 motobecanes made. They ain't rare and you can pick one up cheap.

It's nice though

Re: FS:Motobecane 50V, Detroit

i might be interested. Shoot me an email if you still have it. lbutler@hillsdale.edu

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