For Sale: 1986 Tomos Bullet, 70cc kit, Bi-turbo

300 bucks and it's all yours. Bloomington, IN. I can afford to part with it. It's a 1986 Tomos Silver Bullet, Blue in color. It's had a new air filter on it, re-wired, new headlight bulb, tank de-rusted. New fuel line. Tires Patched. Painted and decaled. Only thing it really needs is an idle adjustment for the throttle grip. I never bothered to get one because I just pedaled forward on take off and kicked it over and took off. It never bothered me. You pick up. We're talking 300 firm. The goddamned kit and exhuast is worth that. Also, I will not ship. I will not take a piece of american history, drain it, and box it. That's retarded. Drive to Indiana and get this. It runs fine. Starts 3rd kick most always. The pic of it is in my user profile. My e-mail is Oh yeah it could use a new gas cap, it doesn't vent well. Don't bitch about it if you take time out of my day to come get this thing.

Re: For Sale: 1986 Tomos Bullet, 70cc kit, Bi-turb

Oh yeah one another thing.... You ask me to part it out and I will bitchslap you.

Re: For Sale: 1986 Tomos Bullet, 70cc kit, Bi-turb

Okay, UPDATE! The wife says I cannot sell it.

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