l/f Roadmaster coil

I'm currently rehabbing a friend's long-neglected 1980 AMF Roadmaster XL Deluxe, and it's ready to run except I can't get any spark out of it. I've gone as deep as I can go, and must conclude that the potted electronics unit (the plastic tray that forms a section of the rotor housing, with all the components sealed under an inch of epoxy) needs to be replaced.

Does anyone have one of these stashed away? How much?

If not, does anyone know how to build one? There's two winding circuits and one ground in the stator that go into it, and the lead for the plug, a ground for the killswitch and four power contacts that go out. I know how to plug it in, what I need is an idea of what's underneath all that epoxy. Any info would help, thanks.


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