FS. 1999 puch korado

nice clean puch korado, speedo shows one mile but cable is broken, looks to be real low miles. Carb is apart and being cleaned, tank clean, has nice strong spark, this is a rare moped. Buy it in the state it is in and you fix or I will get it running in the price will go up.. offers excepted, will not list a selling price because I would like to get it running and ride myself but if the offer sounds good it's yours..


Re: FS. 1999 puch korado


Re: FS. 1999 puch korado

Dave Peterson /

Do you have the plastic side covers? I also have a Korado that needs parts and I could make one good one out of two.


Re: FS. 1999 puch korado


Re: FS. 1999 puch korado

no side cover could use some if anyone has them...

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