'81 Columbia Western Flyer -PA- $150 OBO

I've got a 1981 Columbia Western Flyer for sale. This is a very rare and unique bike. It's a top-tank design with a plastic tank. Only moped I've ever seen with this, eliminates the issue of rust in the tank. Also has a plastic flip-up seat with storage compartment. It's powered by a Sachs 1-speed engine. It's a very good all-around bike; it tops out at 35 unmodified and has the torque to pull up hills better than any other bike I've owned. As far as issues, the headlight/taillight bulbs are burnt out, and the bike shows some cosmetic wear such as a little surface rust on the frame, underneath the plastic tank. Some plastic peices are scuffed up, the seat has some marks. Mechanically, it is 100% sound. I'll let it go for 150 or best offer due to the fact that it has no title. Comes with Bill of Sale. Serious buyers, request a picture.

I'm in Lebanon, PA. 30 mins from Harrisburg. Will not ship.

Re: '81 Columbia Western Flyer -PA- $150 OBO

i'd like to see a picture. if it runs well i'd be willing to pick it up soon. coming from philly

Re: '81 Columbia Western Flyer -PA- $150 OBO

Alright, I was gauging interest, and so now I guess I need to head out to my garage and get some decent pictures. I'll have some up tonight around 5 PM. The sooner this bike can be picked up, the better! I need to make room in the garage, and I have limited time before I deploy for military training.

Re: '81 Columbia Western Flyer -PA- $150 OBO

Alright, here are some pics I snapped this morning. As you'll see, the bike could use some cleaning up and some TLC, but that's about it. It'll be great for someone who isn't mechanically inclined, because there's no fiddling with the motor necessary, it's tuned great. Just need to fix the right-side pedal, scrub the rims and exhaust with some metal cleaner, etc., etc., stuff I've been too lazy to do. I wouldn't give this thing a rattle-can job though; it's far too rare.

Re: '81 Columbia Western Flyer -PA- $150 OBO

i'll take it! i could come by tomorrow anytime with cash in hand.

please give me a call at (570) 778 9630 or send an e-mail to tua04966@temple.edu and we'll figure it out.




Good bike goes to a good home. Happy riding!


seeing that bike leave might make me shed a tear.


nice looking bike. The 505-1/D motor is worth that!

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