WTB: 2005 Tomos Streetmate

i am looking to to buy a 2005 tomos streetmate i live in new jersey but i can pick it up…i am willing to spend up to $600.00 or $700.00

please let me know how many miles are on it along with a picture of it if you can thank you.

i am going camping this week but i will get back to you as soon as i return...E-Mail me please.


Re: WTB: 2005 Tomos Streetmate

He he he he i laughed at your prices; wow i never see a Tomos that was a great Runner and looked good for that small amount; sorry i have a 2005 st Red with 340 miles on it. Rode it today 9 miles runs 30+ and i need at least $1200.00 for it. Jimmie


Re: WTB: 2005 Tomos Streetmate

yeah your crazy. you arent going to get any 05 for that cheap. and deffinately not a streetmate.

Re: WTB: 2005 Tomos Streetmate

an ST is 1150 new?

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