Suzuki FA50 parts

Hi,picked up what I thought was a 1981 parts bike yesterday in Denver,but she`s pretty complete and wants to run!anyway,need engine shroud with footpegs and throttle assembly,don`t need cable,bike has 8/80 build date,would it be an 80 or 81,it`s yellow,will buy the parts or another whole parts bike if close by,don`t mind traveling a bit,also have an 87 FA50,wouldn`t mind finding spare parts,thanks

Re: Suzuki FA50 parts

Hi. I dont have footrest assembly, but have any throttle parts you need as well as any other parts. @ great engines also.Dirt cheap as well. Let me know what all exactly you need and your zip code to figure out shipping and I'll give you a super cheap package deal on all you need.Email me, also have pics if you want. I have an 82 and an 85 parts bikes if you want them, but shipping from michigan would probobly be a pretty penny.Let me know

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