WTB Moped in Maine

Well, the season is here and I am mopedless :( So I'm looking to buy a moped in good shape in the Bangor, Maine area. I can travel some but cant go too too far.

Brand isnt so much important as the condition of the bike.

How much can I spend? I dont know yet so any proposals will be good.

Thanks in advance.


Re: WTB Moped in Maine

Yeah I saw that one the other day. Thank you though brett. I may have found a nice Motobecane from a local classified. I'm gonna go look at it tommorow mornin. I hope it all works out.

Re: WTB Moped in Maine

See my recent post. I have european mopeds, japanese nopeds,

one puch is stock the other one is kitted. The qt-50's I plan to sell for 250$ (bought them for 450$ each and they're nicer than when I got them) I have a parts bike for them as well.

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