Looking for moped in NC/VA

I am looking for one or two older mopeds in relatively close to Chapel Hill NC - around or less than $500 each - I have no idea where to look - so any help would be really appreciated -please email me at jshinson@med.unc.edu - jeremiah

Re: Looking for moped in NC/VA

ok i ahve the mopeds you are looking; i also have new ones for 799.00 as well; thanks Jimmie


Re: Looking for moped in NC/VA

Whoa! I didn't think it snowed that much in NC!


Re: Looking for moped in NC/VA

hello there again i send pics of two of the mopeds i have used onwes 80 Garelli and a 1978 Honda nc 50 i am in Richlands NC about 2 hours from where you are i think; I also sell new Sundrio mopeds they run 30 miles per hour and get about 160 miles per gallon. 2 strokes and street legal 799.00 so if i can help you ill be glad to talk with you 901-389-5719 Jimmie

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