Sachs Eagle1 For Sale in MI

1979 Sachs Eagle1 for sale $150. Not running now. Ran up till last weekend great. Problem seems to be electrical or timing, compression is good. I am not going to fix it this time, too many projects to get done, too little time. Have brand new extra stator/rotor and flywheel, complete gasket set, complete manual. Come and get it. Here is alink to a picture:


Re: Sachs Eagle1 For Sale in MI

Steve- I am very interested in this bike. I dropped you an e-mail, if you do not get the e-mail, let me know, my e-mail is on my profile. I could pick up IMMediately! Thanks.

Re: Sachs Eagle1 For Sale in MI

Thanks to all that responded to my ad. Sorry to say it is sold.

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