FS:1975 Maxi project/Parts

OK, I have decided to sell this thing. I have too much going on right now and no time for this thing. I live in Fort Smith, AR. I want to offer it up on here before I go to Ebay with it. I am asking $150. You will have to come get it.


1. Rebuilt Motor (E50), was told it was, Looks that way and I NEVER had it running.

2. NEW petcock

3. New stator

4. Brakes work

5. All cables are there

6. Good spoke wheels


1.Wiring is not together, all wires are there just not connected to anything.

2. Filler ring is gone on the gas take, will have to be creative to get a cap on it.

3. Someone hand painted it, green. Don't let the pix fool you, it's bad.

4. Just a general beater ped.

5. Carb is crap, that was the final thing that killed me. So it needs one.

6. Needs all kinds of non-Essenical bits.

I also have side covers but no screws to put them on with.


Re: FS:1975 Maxi project/Parts

More pix


Re: FS:1975 Maxi project/Parts

how far are you from kingman?

Re: FS:1975 Maxi project/Parts

Kingman, no idea where that is, or even what state. help me out a little please, heheh.

Re: FS:1975 Maxi project/Parts

Going on Ebay.

Re: FS:1975 Maxi project/Parts

are you willing to part out some parts? i could use the carb, and the chains.

Re: FS:1975 Maxi project/Parts

Nor Cal Mopeds /

yeah me too with the part out

Re: FS:1975 Maxi project/Parts

Nope on ebay, and "5. Carb is crap, that was the final thing that killed me. So it needs one." sorry.

Re: FS:1975 Maxi project/Parts

would u ship?

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