1978 Indian Moped

1978 Indian Moped. Comes with a lot of extra parts, coil, headlight ,points, condenser and more. Has 2 spare carburetors also. Bike does start. I had it up to about 20mph. Has 867 original miles on it. If you need to see more photos please email. Bike does have some rust on the front fender and on the rack behind the seat. Has the origianal toolkit and the owners booklet. Has the original Indian Tires. Does need a new throttle cable. If you like Indians this ones pretty nice. Bike does have the air filter and origianal side covers. Asking $475.00


Re: 1978 Indian Moped

Dan, did that carb work?

Re: 1978 Indian Moped

Tom the section that bolts onto the manifold is approx. 1/8 of an inch shy on this. Same for both. It must be because the bike has the black colored heads. So I am just going to sell it. I put the other carb. back on in the mean time. If I don't get any offers here I will list it on EBAY.

Re: 1978 Indian Moped

I can send you a silver head, I have a couple extras, I feel bad the carb didn't work, If you will pay shipping, I will give you the head.and a new gasket for head and valve cover. Then you can use that long intake I sent you. How's that for a deal.

Re: 1978 Indian Moped

Where did you wind up selling that bike?

I think I might've wound up with it!

Re: 1978 Indian Moped

Zack Rineer /

holy old thread.

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