puch magnum x dirt bike

still want to sell my puch magnum x dirt bike............make me a decent offer.........i was asking 500 but ill consider an offer if it sounds good ..someone offered me a vintage speedboat for a good price and i need to flip some bikes and guitars and raise some cash


Re: puch magnum x dirt bike

did you say guitars?

Re: puch magnum x dirt bike

do you want to trade?

Re: puch magnum x dirt bike

yeah got 2 guitars that are going on the bay.a 90 made in japan black lefty strat (says fender strat on the headstock not a MIJ squier) with some dings and player wear but a good player .I was going to use the neck and pickups , and electronics out of it and find a right hand body and make a reverse headstock frankenstrat, if I dont sell it Ill probly still do that ,I might part it out on the bay (hate to do that to decent guitars though )..but i already got a MIM strat now with texas specials I cant complain about ...Id take 175 for the strat ..I also have a epiphone heritage cherry sunburst les paul standard with a hardshell case , had a pro setup when i bought it , and has been upgraded to gibson pickups..great guitar.....id take 300 for it.(got way more than that in it.....I also have some practice amps and a few pedals I was gonna stick on the bay... Ive pretty much upgraded to all tube amps...and narrowed my guitars down to a strat, a custom telecaster, and a taki acoustic......rest i can live without...

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my neighbor has a 69 starcraft aluminum runabout with a 40hp on it he offered me cheap with trailer and all the amenities and extra stuff ....and ive always liked those boats they are light fast and handle well, so im going to sell some stuff to buy his ....i really could use the money now..(I could buy it without selling stuff but I gotta keep the wife happy yanno!)..oh and if anyone wants a nice 84 jeep cherokee that needs a little work its for sale too..Ill take 800 for it .......email me if ur interested in anything http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b155/skywriter900/IM000483.jpg

Re: puch magnum x dirt bike


Re: puch magnum x dirt bike

Does the bike run?

I'd be willing to offer you 500 if I knew more about it.

Can you send me some kind of a description.



Re: puch magnum x dirt bike

it runs fine my kids ride it a few times a month

Re: puch magnum x dirt bike

theres a pic of it in the first post

Re: puch magnum x dirt bike

ok so i just realized you are selling the other magnum

so im interested in both

but i would prefer the mkII

i would give you 600 for that one

or 500 for the dirt bike

what do you think?

also of course i would pay for shipping

Re: puch magnum x dirt bike

I think you have me confused with someone else ...I dont have a mark 2.. moped..... I just have a puch dirt bike for sale...........runs good.......

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