looking for a moped in ohio

I am interested in purchasing a good running moped in the central ohio area that can go up to 35-40mph. Please email me with info.


Re: looking for a moped in ohio


I am selling my 1996 kinetic TFR moped. The moped is in good shape and only has 1200 miles on it. It cruises at 30-40mph. It is a 49cc moped and i have not had any problems with it. I live in cleveland and will sell it for $400.00....O.B.O.






Re: looking for a moped in ohio

I don't want to sound dumb (ok, I am moped dumb). But could you give me the scoop on the Kinetic. Like does it mix it's own oil and what would you want to do to it if you kept it etc (I realize it's a used moped etc).

I want something reliable for my son.

I'm used to motorcycles, put pedals on it and I'm all confused...

Re: looking for a moped in ohio

i have a nice motobecane moby. runs and looks great. 400

Re: looking for a moped in ohio

i have a 2004 kinetic tfr and it only has 300 miles.

Re: looking for a moped in ohio

Hi Tyler-

I already bought a 2005 hero majestic- It has 450 miles on it. But thanks for replying. What is the max mph of your kinetic and why are you selling? I might know somebody who is interested.

Thanks- Adam

Re: looking for a moped in ohio

I can now ride a motorcycle and am getting old enough to drive so i dont ride it near as much. The bike will definitely go upper 20s to 30 consistantly on level ground and will go 35 plus down hill (depending on the hill and rider.)

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