Mags for sale

I have two mags. 1 is a silver one with 5-7?? spokes and the other is black with 3 spokes!

20$ each+ shipping.

my zip is 44321 to check shipping.

the tire size is 17.5x2 so the box will be slightly larger.

Thanks alot!!


Re: Mags for sale

I need a front mag. It has to look like this but for the front.

Re: Mags for sale

i have that one but for theback!!! damn!

Re: Mags for sale

what is the 3star mag for? if it works on puch i might want it.

Re: Mags for sale

it was from a tomos silver bullet. tire is 17.5x2

Re: Mags for sale

Post a pic of the black one, tomos bullet wheels have more than 3 spokes.


Re: Mags for sale

sorry i was mistaken... it is a 5 and the other is a 7


Re: Mags for sale

Serge Prokofievadactyl /

is the 5 star still available?

Re: Mags for sale

yep still here

Re: Mags for sale

serge..... 15+ shipping for the mag

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