WTB: Raleigh in New England

Anyone know of a Raleigh Moped for sale in MA or RI or elsewhere in New England? Prefer an Ultramatic, but would consider other Raleigh models. Thanks.

Re: WTB: Raleigh in New England

I have a 1960s motobecane moblette which is a Raleigh RM5

It has a variator clutch (I think that is what Raleigh called the "Ultramatic")

Raleigh just rebadged them.

I am in Maine.

I worked on it this winter, and just got it going. it curently has some quirks, but it runs, and has nice new tires.

If you are interested, I will get you some pics

Re: WTB: Raleigh in New England

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the note. Please send the photos. Joe

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