Cateye Blinkers to trade

I have 2 set of blinkers. One is the set that recharges and has the orange only lenses. This set is on my moped right now. The other is the set that has the small battery pack, red/orange lenses. This set looks brand new, has all the switches, wires and no rust at all. It is missing the bar to mount them on if thats how you wanted to do it. I will have pictures later. I also have the cardborad it was on when sold.

I want a good working carb for my Maxi w/E50. I know both sets are worth about 50-60 so I know we can work something out.

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Re: Cateye Blinkers to trade

Ohhh and I only want to get rid of one set, this is not for both, sorry.

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60$? MAN THATS A KILLER DEAL!!! Anybody with half a brain should jump right on that!(hehe)

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ok, sweet, guess I was wrong on the amount. Love the great feed back we sometimes get from folks. Makes this such a great hobby to be in. So I take it your not into the trade then?

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Sorry man It was a scummy thing to say.

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