FS: Moby 50V in Hudson Valley NY

For Sale: 1978 Motobecane 50V

new: Dellorto 14/14 clone carb with fancy air filter, new throttle cable, fuel line, petcock

old: tire tread good but sidewalls dry rotted a bit.

needs: intake adapter for carb to engine intake. Carb opening is a few mm too big.

no rust, original registration and recent bill of sale. sat in barn in NJ for 2 decades. 2 person banana seat great condition. brakes on a dime. Has 6,400km on odo, = 3,900mi.

2 hours N of NYC, 1 hour W of CT, 1 hour S of Albany. Mapquest Red Hook, NY 12571

pic under my user profile

I ran out of money for this project :(

It was running nicely until I realized Gurtner carb was leaking fuel all over the place and took it off. Orig. carb and all carb parts, airbox are here.

Make an offer... I need the cash to pay bills.

Re: FS: Moby 50V in Hudson Valley NY

40 bucks.

Re: FS: Moby 50V in Hudson Valley NY

I'll go $100 for it

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