FS: Avanti SS in PA/NJ w/ Polini, lots of extras

2001 Avanti SuperSport

Garelli VIP Engine/Two-Speed Transmission

Dark Red/Maroon

2160 km (1,342 miles)


Polini 65cc Cylinder Kit

Polini Expansion Exhaust

Amal 17mm Carburetor


Cafe-style drop handlebars

Factory decals removed

Race stickers (Castrol, EBC, NGK, etc.) can be removed

Storage box added to rear of bike, factory-quality install


Stock exhaust, stock cylinder/piston, stock cylinder head.

A 15mm Amal carburetor, stock Pacco carburetor.

NOS replacement light bulbs, Polini gasket set, NOS rubber clutch body (very hard to find).

Extra carburetor jets, choke cables, etc.

Original owner's manual and brochures included with the bike, along with the receipt of purchase. ($1200 in 2001)

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, this bike has so many spares and extras.

Why I'm selling:

I'm going into the U.S. Air Force in a little over a month, and due to some recent news, I won't be able to take this bike with me. I just bought the bike recently, and added a few things to it, and I was planning on carrying it with me to my duty station. Now, sadly, it must go before August 8th.

I have the title in my name. I live in Cleona, PA, about 20 minutes from Hershey, PA. I cannot transport the bike, you will have to pick it up. However, I will be attending Moped Larry's ride this coming weekend. I plan to ride this bike on the ride. If you are in NJ and would like to obtain the bike afterwards, that can be arranged.

Asking price is $500 obo. Have receipts that total over $1700. The kit was installed by Chris at MWH, everything was done right.

E-Mail paulmooney@gmail.com for pictures, serious buyers only.

Re: FS: Avanti SS in PA/NJ w/ Polini, lots of extr


Re: FS: Avanti SS in PA/NJ w/ Polini, lots of extr

To me lol.

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