tomos sprint

i am looking into getting a new Tomos Sprint, but i need to know few things about this moped. Is it reliable, how fast does it go, does it ride well?

thanks guys

Re: tomos sprint

Well, if the sprint is anything like the Targa LX (which, from what I've seen, it is), it should be a nice ride with a fairly hard suspension. Off the line, it should go like 25-30 mph, but will easily do 40-45 with mods. Now, the only thing I hear complaints about is the oil injection and the plastic side covers. Since the sprint doesn't have side covers (to my knowledge), there shoudln't be a problem there, and the oil injection is easily disabled. Anything else?

Re: tomos sprint

No oil injection on the Sprint. It is a bare bones ped. I like the design and operation, in fact it is probably the best one out there for the money. $1000 brand new.

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