FS:NJ 1995 LX W/mods....FAST!

Well I never thought the day would come where I have to sell my moped. But since im going to college in Boston after this summer and I cant take it with me I have no choice but to sell it.

Its a Black 1995 Tomos Targa LX. It has a Bi-Turbo exhaust, Airsal 70cc kit, and an larger jet in the carb. (forget which size). All work performed on this moped was done by the moped guru himself! (chris @ moped warehouse) The guru is probably the best moped tuner in the country, anyone who has seen some of his mopeds in person knows how fast they really are and how awesome his fabrication skills are. I am located in Bergen County NJ and have the title in hand. The Airsal kit has around 450 miles on it and the Bi-Turbo has around 550 miles on it. Moped is in good condition. Not sure of the top speed because I can completely bury the needle on the stock speedo.

I am asking $700.... Im in no rush to sell as I have till the end of the summer and I have a good friend that said he will give me $600 for it if no one on here takes it. If your interested email me...kaisenh@yahoo.com and I will send you some pics. First one to show up at my door with the money gets the moped.

*THE ONLY THING THIS MOPED NEEDS IS SOME NEW PEDALS* the ones on there now are kind of worn out. Other than that this moped starts first kick and is probably one of the faster Tomos's in NJ.

Re: FS:NJ 1995 LX W/mods....FAST!

Do you have pics? I'm in Bergen aswell. It's not even close to fastest btw not to rub it in or anything. Kevin from motoXsupport has a black 06 that goes 65 mph.

Re: FS:NJ 1995 LX W/mods....FAST!

Yea il get some pics up 2moro... Yea its not the fastest but it usually beats all the other tomos mopeds I meet on the street. What mods does that guy from moto X have on his tomos?

Re: FS:NJ 1995 LX W/mods....FAST!

pic 1


Re: FS:NJ 1995 LX W/mods....FAST!

pic 2


Re: FS:NJ 1995 LX W/mods....FAST!

airsal kit, pic 3


Re: FS:NJ 1995 LX W/mods....FAST!

bi-turbo, pic 4

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