1977 Batavus if interested

I got me a 1977 Batavus, unsure of the model. Looks like this but yellow.


Cosmetically in pretty good condition. I bought it off some guy for 50 bux to try and get it running. Motor has been tampered w/ before and will need some work. DOES NOT CURRENTLY RUN. Looks like it has some new parts internally, but still has issues. I don't think it's a huge fix, I just have a running Tomos and don't want to spend the time on the Batavus.

I'd be willing to part it or get rid of it as a whole. I live in Kansas if you need an idea for shipping.

Can supply pics if needed.

Re: 1977 Batavus if interested

The model information is in under the speedometer near the forks. Look around on the ped. I have an HS-50 thats the toptank model of yours. They're nice bikes.



1977 Batavus if interested

Email sent.

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