is this a good price?

2 Seater Hero-Majestic Panther Moped - with extras (100mpg!) - $800

The best part is that it has an extended seat and pegs for your friend/girlfriend/whatever. It is under 50cc so you don't need a motorcycle license or a license plate. I am asking $800.00 in cash/money order/Paypal, I'd prefer not to use personal checks just because I've been burned before.


1 badass moped with ~2000 miles on it

2 Helmets

1 Gascan (for mixing your fuel)

1 extra sparkplug

1 lock and key

1 saddlebag (it has a basket too, but the bag is much better)

is this a good price?

2000 miles on it? FUCK NO! Id pay 300 TOPS! and i would never buy a cheap majestic unless it get it for cheap, like $50 cheap.

OH! your selling it or buying it?

Re: is this a good price?

no im not buying or selling this. im just looking at it and wondering

Re: is this a good price?

Tim Brothers /

wow dude you have no idea what you're talking about. panthers are totally reliable and you totally mucked up that deal i was trying to make with that girl. thanks. are they a tomo or whatever? no but they're decent bikes to commute. even "name brand" bikes get roughed up and this bike was in way better condition than some of these other ones on CL. In i've never had to fix anything on that bike, while person i know who has had some of these fan-boy bikes spends more time fixing them than they ride them.

and only worth 300 or better yet 50? that is retarded. a frame and semi-working engine is worth 300 if they're in good shape. besides how can you dump on a bike that can handle two people going 30 up beacon hill? you should check yo self before you wreck yo self.

peace out

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