Tomos parts and Frame

Jordan Caughey /

I have a 1993 Tomos golden bullet frame for sale. It appears to be in good condition tank has some rust in it but I think thats all thats wrong with it. I am asking $25 for the frame local pickup only. I also have quite a bit of spare tomos parts.

If you need any Tomos parts from my '93 bullet or questions about the frame itself just e-mail me at I am located in New Philadelphia, Ohio

Re: Tomos parts and Frame

wondering if the trottle assembly is in good shape and if i could get my hands on that, also if the seat is in good shape do you know off hand if it would go on a 78 bullet? and i would want the engine covers but i beleive the 93's are black and i need silver

Re: Tomos parts and Frame

are there enough parts to make a complete moped??? i am in akron area. !

let me know !!



Re: Tomos parts and Frame

Timmy Southpark /

any motor parts? i can use a blown tranny because i just need like odd and end clips and springs from it enternally. Let me know, thanks

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