Possibly Honda NU50 F/S

After recently seizing a new cylinder kit and destroying the bore, I'm looking to sell my Honda NU50. In a few days, it will have the stock cylinder, with a Biturbo which was cut and welded. I live in the Hampton Roads area, but am staying in the Outer Banks this summer. I repainted it with a spray can because the old paint was flaking and there was a bunch of surface rust. It doesn't look half bad but there are spots where it needs work. Once I get the old 50cc cylinder back in, it will run perfectly. I had no problems before upgrading. The Biturbo adds about five mph. I've been clocked at 36 mph with a friend driving his car beside me. Tires are alright, front brakes just replaced while the rear ones need to be replaced. New belt a few months ago, as well as a new headlight. I'll have pictures in a few days. It looks very similar to the red Honda NU50 in the photo archive. Asking price is $350.


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