79 Indian

1979 Indian AMI-50 Chief moped. it starts on a quarter of a pedal and runs very well. it's rare to find one of these in this kind of working condition these days! the speedometer doesn't work but i would say it probably does about 30 - 35 mph. the left brake lever is broken and there are some slight wiring issues but other than that it's been excellent for me in the short time i've owned it. i really didn't want to sell it but i have way too many mopeds sitting around and i figured i should let a few go to make room for more. email me with any questions.

i'm looking to get maybe $700 for it

Re: 79 Indian

by the way, this is in brooklyn ny

Re: 79 Indian

would you get it ready for shipping?

Re: 79 Indian

i don't want to deal with shipping this thing... it's on a pick up basis only... sorry

Re: 79 Indian

I have the parts to get to fix the speedo, and brake handle. Tom

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