looking to buy in MASS.

Hey im a first time buyer looking for a two seater moped for under $700. does anyone have any ideas for me? I'd prefer a bike that doesn't look too much like a vespa or just straight up bicycle if you know what i mean.

maybe not! thanks for reading let me know cheers!

Re: looking to buy in MASS.

Check your Mail



I'm near Springfield.

Re: looking to buy in MASS.

im still looking, not finding anything that makes me want to drop the cash. I really just want a two seater moped (not scooter) and know I can get one for under 500.

Re: looking to buy in MASS.

I do not know what you mean. but I have a two seater moped for sale in Maine, with possible delivery options to Mass on ebay right now, and it happens to be the best looking moped ever.


If you need a two seater because you plan on using it to move 2 bodies often, I would get something more powerfull. No moped can handle the extra load well, and all mopeds feel quite dangerous when riding 2 people.

Re: looking to buy in MASS.

Better off buying tow mopeds.

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I asked around for a long time about two-person mopeds and everyone tld me to get a vespa grande or a puch with 2hp. I never did find either of those but out of the 3 peds I had, one was a Hero-Majestic Panther and that one went pretty good with me and my girfriend on it. It also had back footpegs and a long seat which made it much easier. Theres a guy who usually has them for sale on craigslist that lives in reading, MA but he always wants like $750. But I dont know how much luck you're gonna have putting two people on any moped, me and my girlfriend weighed about 250 lbs between us and I think even that's a stretch for a ped. They just aren't really made for big guys or more than one person.

Re: looking to buy in MASS.

Tim Brothers /

I have a two seater Hero Panther I am selling right now. I'm in boston - email me if you want to take a look at it...... -Tim

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