Wanted: Tomos Bullet fs/trade.

I'm looking for a running, or almost running tomos bullet in Ohio. Any style bullet will work; blue, silver, gold. I don't care. I just really like the bullet style. I'm looking to spend maybe $150 or $200 if it's in fair condition. I'm willing to trade a few bikes too. Note me or call me. 330-488-3132. Ask for Kenny.

Re: Wanted: Tomos Bullet fs/trade.

what do you have to trade??

Re: Wanted: Tomos Bullet fs/trade.

what u got to trade?

Re: Wanted: Tomos Bullet fs/trade.

I have a 1987 Trac Liberty. It runs but needs an exhaust. Has a brand new carb with about 15 miles on it. Could use an overhaul soon. Fires right up every time.

Also, 1984 Suzuki Shuttle FA50. No carb, needs new cables and spedo. Everything else looks good. Easy fix or good parts bike. I'd be willing to give both up for a decent bullet so long as it isn't total crap. Parts I can get. I just don't have the time for all these bikes. Plus, the local shop only deals in Tomos parts. I also have cash if you don't like my bikes.

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