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Anthony Castellanos /

I just got a 76 Garelli Super Sport XL and its still got the stock exhaust pipe i want to upgrade it with something better and if anyone has any other info on garelli mopeds it would be a bunch of help this is my first garelli i have only had batavus, puch, and kinetic.

Re: WTB: Garelli exhaust pipe

How did you do with your exhaust. I just got a 78 Supersport but am unable to find Polini exhaust. I have been told that it no longer made.

Re: WTB: Garelli exhaust pipe

Those Polini exhaust weren't that great. They were very short, and only good for a little top end. Bottom end was a sacrifice. Using a 2-piece Tomos biturbo (use your stock header pipe of course) would be a little more effective. I've used those cheap pocket bike exhausts that sell on eBay for $20, cut it, and hose clamped that expansion chamber and baffle to the Garelli pipe. BEWARE - it's loud, and you will need to change your jetting!

Re: WTB: Garelli exhaust pipe

Thank you for the advice. What do you think about the 2 piece BITURBO #1.550.300

Re: WTB: Garelli exhaust pipe

I gues that's the one. I'm not saying that it will mount up perfectly, but I've gotten them to work before.

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