WTB Rat bike in Portland, OR

I've been looking for top tank style (such as a Puch Cobra) moped for a bit but I'm wanting a cosmetically bad one. The rattier the better as long as it's mostly complete.

I don't mind having to drive a bit to pick one up if the price is right. The only thing I really care about is a title. No title bikes have to be real cheap. It's always a pain getting a missing title. But much more necessary than people think. Every had a bike end up in the impound? Without the papers you can't get it back...

Thanks for any leads!

Re: WTB Rat bike in Portland, OR

Can we make you a top tank out of a tomos a3?

Re: WTB Rat bike in Portland, OR

Whatcha mean "make?" Do you mean taking one of the older A3 step-thru Tomos's and making it a top tank? Or do you mean just assembling a A3 Golden Bullet from a bunch of parts bikes?

Re: WTB Rat bike in Portland, OR

I have a bullet with crappy paint, can I weld on a bar, mount a tank, and swap out the seat? Viola! Top tank!! ala Adrain's Garelli, but with an actual top tank, not just the regular tank mounted high, and on a slight angle.

Re: WTB Rat bike in Portland, OR

come to the ship ahoy on wednesday at 9pm, 28th and gladstone in se, and we will talk all about it.

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